Document Types and Permissions

Permissions are related to the fact that Umbraco can host nested content structures, meaning hierarchies of content items of different document types. Permissions determine which types of structures are allowed.

For example, imagine this structure of content items belonging to these Document Types:

  • Home
    • Products
      • Product
    • Team
      • Team Member

Putting rules into place

As the owner of the web site, I would like to prevent that editors would be able to insert Team Member content items under Products or a Product content item under Team.

So, now, a Permission defines mainly two things:

  1. Is this Document Type suitable and allowed to to be a root node in the content hierarchy? 
  2. Which Document Types are allowed under a particular Document Type, if any at all?

The appropriate Permissions for the simplified structure would be:

  • Document Type Home
    • Allowed as a root node in the content hierarchy
    • Allowed Document Types: Products and Team
  • Document Type Products
    • Not allowed as a root element in the content hierarchy
    • Allowed Document Types: Product
  • Document Type Team
    • Not allowed as a root node in the content hierarchy
    • Allowed Document Type: Team Member
  • Document Types Product, Team Member
    • Not allowed as a root element in the content hierarchy
    • No Document Types allowed.

In other situations, you may want to allow recursive nesting of the Document Types in the content structure. For instance you might want to allow this structure of Document Types:

  • Content Page
    • Comment
    • Content Page
      • Comment
      • Content Page
        • Comment

The allowed Document Types for the Content Type Document Type would be Comment and Content Page.

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